Billet Blog: 26 April 2017

There are only a handful of items on the agenda for the April States Meeting, most of which are legislation for approval.

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Billet Blog: 29 March 2017

The main issue for the March States Meeting is likely to be the decision on whether or not to commence the Population Management law, with challenges to the new regime having started to emerge over the past few weeks. It will be a lively debate, with strong feelings on all sides, and will be a challenge for the new States as it comes to grips with a complex regime that was designed by previous Assemblies.

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Protest and Celebration

Last night, islanders met in the Sunken Gardens to protest the policies of US President Donald Trump, and to celebrate the values of diversity and tolerance which he seems to threaten. The protest began with a group of concerned citizens who wanted to stand in solidarity with similar protests the world over, and I was glad and proud to be part of helping to get it off the ground. I think protest and dissent are vital to a healthy democracy, and would only like to see more of it in Guernsey – whether people engage with local issues or international ones. I gave a short address last night which explains why I feel that way, and I have copied it below for those who may be interested.

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Billet Blog: 15 February 2017

I’m sorry not to have blogged for the first couple of States Meetings this year. Finally back in the habit for the second February meeting, which will take place on 15 February. This one continues a pattern of relatively light agendas (which will probably suddenly get much heavier in late April or May, and certainly by June), with the Implementation of the Solid Waste Strategy likely to be the most substantial debate of the meeting. The published business is as follows:

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Billet Blog: 14 December 2016

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Billet Blog: 30 November 2016

This meeting is the third and final States’ debate in a very long November! The dominant issue will be secondary education – specifically, the question of whether to retain the 11+ or move to a non-selective system. This, and the other items of business, are discussed further below.

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Billet Blog: P&R Plan – Phase One

I had the honour of attending the Youth Commission’s annual “Youth Works” conference yesterday, and taking part in a workshop with the Youth Forum, who are preparing their plans for next year. We learned a useful approach to making plans. It goes like this: take a large sheet of paper and draw three columns on it. At the top of the first column, write: Why? Underneath it, list the reasons why you want to do this piece of work. Once that’s done, move to the second column … and again, write: Why? If, in the first column, you wrote “we’re doing this because we want to hear young people’s voices”, in the next column tell us why it matters to hear young people’s voices. When you’ve done that, move to the third column. And, once again, write: Why?

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Billet Blog: 1-2 November 2016

The first of three States Meetings in November (we meet again on 15 November to talk about the Policy & Resources Plan, and on 30 November to debate other business, no doubt including the future of secondary education) will begin with the Budget, and will also include the Committee for Employment & Social Security’s annual report on Benefit and Contribution rates. In addition, there will be business carried over from the last meeting, and a few other small items.

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6 Households, 3 Reports, 1 Budget

The States is considering three really important policy letters in November: the 2017 Budget, which raises taxes and directs government spending for the year ahead; the annual report on Social Security Benefit and Contribution Rates for 2017; and the Policy & Resources Plan (which I’ll only touch on briefly in this update), which aims to provide a framework and a goal for all policy development during this political term and which, through the Fiscal Framework, directs how government finances can be raised and spent in future.

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Billet Blog: 12 October 2016

The October States Meeting will be dominated by the Island Development Plan – which I have blogged about separately here. There are a few other items of business, which I have covered briefly below.

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