I am Emilie Yerby, a politician in the States of Guernsey. I was elected on 27 April 2016 for a four year term, to run until June 2020. I am a People’s Deputy for the Western Parishes: St Saviour’s, Forest, St Pierre du Bois and Torteval.

I am a member of four States’ Committees:

  • the Overseas Aid and Development Commission
  • the Committee for Health and Social Care
  • the Committee for Employment and Social Security
  • the Transport Licensing Authority

This website is a record of my political promises and activities. It is part of a commitment to transparency and communication which I made before the General Election, and which I am doing my best to uphold.

You can read or download my 2016 Manifesto, which includes my political aims and principles, under the “Manifesto” tab above.

You can find the speeches I have made, the questions I have asked to fellow politicians, and my voting record on States’ decisions, under the “In the States” tab.

The “Committees” tab (in progress) will contain quick-reference information about the Committees I currently sit on, in the hope that you will be able to find the information you need to answer many of your questions, or help you make progress with matters that are important to you, just by a quick look around.

If you can’t find answers here or elsewhere, please contact me instead! I am happy to be contacted at any time with questions about States, committee, or parish matters. You will find my contact details, as well as an online contact form if you prefer, under the “Contact” tab.

Finally, you might find my “Blog” page useful – about ten days before each States’ Meeting, I publish a summary of the items that we are going to be considering at the next meeting, and my thoughts on each of them. I’m afraid this can be quite lengthy when the agendas are long! I also publish occasional blogposts with my thoughts on policy topics that interest me. If you would prefer to receive updates by email, you can subscribe using the form at the bottom of the page.

As your representative, I aim to be approachable and available – by phone, email and in person. I seek to listen, respect islanders’ views and serve the people of Guernsey with integrity. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with concerns, challenges or ideas, and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can.



A Strong Economic Foundation
• Sustainable economic development – confidence and stability – innovation and diversification.
• Sustainable taxation – avoidance of regressive taxes – respect for low-tax status.
• Prudent spending – public sector efficiencies – public dialogue about tax and service provision.


Opportunity and Ambition for All Islanders
• High quality, inclusive education – valuing young people’s wellbeing – internationally competitive.
• An attractive place to live and work – affordable housing – supporting  young families.
• Equality of opportunity – increased workforce participation – flexible and inclusive employment practices.


No One Left Behind
• Secure and dignified older age – investment in long-term care – decent pensions and financial support.
• Support for carers – improved information – timely access to support.
• Challenging disadvantage – tackling poverty and hardship – ensuring the best start in life for all children.

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