Financial security and economic stability is the bedrock on which all other policy is built. It is vital to the success of our business sector, our local sustainability, and our global competitiveness – all the more so at a time of widespread uncertainty. I will champion economic policies which:

  • Promote confidence and growth in our established industries
  • Encourage diversification into new sectors and sub-sectors
  • Stimulate support for local businesses and traders

I believe we need an ongoing evolution of our tax base, to ensure the island’s finances remain sustainable; but this must be shaped by recognition of Guernsey’s low-tax status, the importance of a stable environment, and a commitment to public sector prudence. The States must demonstrate that it is a responsible steward of public money, by:

  • An ongoing commitment to increasing efficiency in the public sector
  • Careful management of public finances and avoidance of further borrowing
  • Making better use of the voluntary and private sector where appropriate

I will not support regressive taxes, such as GST, which hit poor- and middle-income households hardest, and have a negative impact on local businesses.
As part of the prioritisation of government policy and spending, I believe there must be much greater public dialogue about the trade-offs between tax and service provision. This States will no doubt have to make some very difficult decisions, and we must find ways of creating proper, democratic involvement in that process, to ensure that we do the right thing by the people of Guernsey.

“A strong economic foundation, so that Guernsey can flourish”