A bright future for our island, through education and investment in our young people; growing, nurturing and retaining tomorrow’s workforce, entrepreneurs and future leaders.

A strong economy, through support for business development and stability; increased productivity; good transport links; and careful management of public spending.

A secure and dignified old age for our older population, through good health and social care; decent pensions; support for carers; and realistic forward planning.

A strong local community with no one left behind; through greater equality of opportunity, and action on poverty and disadvantage.


Opportunity and Ambition for All Islanders

  • High standards in education for all, with a system that values young people’s wellbeing, and a quality of education that is internationally competitive.
  • Making Guernsey an attractive place to live and work, through policies which promote access to the housing market and support young families.
  • Promoting equality of opportunity and increasing workforce participation, by promoting flexible practices and challenging barriers or attitudes that limit inclusion. Read More…


A Strong Economic Foundation

  • Sustainable economic development, through policies which promote business confidence and stability, and stimulate innovation and diversification.
  • Respect for our low-tax status, with careful development of our tax base to ensure sustainability, and avoidance of regressive taxes such as GST.
  • Prudent management of public spending, through ongoing public sector efficiencies, and greater public dialogue about how tax and service provision should be balanced. Read More…


No One Left Behind

  • A secure and dignified older age for islanders, through investment in long-term care and support services, and decent pensions and financial support in retirement.
  • Support for carers, including better information, and timely access to practical and emotional support where needed.
  • Challenging disadvantage, through a comprehensive response to poverty and hardship; and through giving every child the best possible start in life. Read More…