Part One: Standing for Election

Part Two: In the States

Part Three: Everything Else

2.1 Serving Your Constituents

Part Two – In the States
(Section 1: Serving Your Constituents)

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Before we start … should I have a plan for the term?
How do I know what the important issues are?
How do I work out what to prioritise?
How do I get the most out of my time?
How do I make sure I’m making progress?

What responsibilities do I have to help people one-to-one?
Who is likely to ask me for help?
What kind of issues might I be asked to deal with?
Are there any boundaries I should set from the start?
How do I manage people’s expectations?
Where can I go for advice?
How do I manage data protection and other responsibilities?

Do I need to reply to every email I receive?
Should I be accessible on social media?
Will there be any drop-ins or other public meetings I should attend?
What kind of links will there be with the parishes?

What if people want to meet face-to-face?
How do I make sure I stay safe?
Are there meeting room facilities I can use?

What can I do if someone takes against me?
How do I deal with insults or attacks on social media?
What if someone is systematically undermining me or spreading lies about me?
What if the media misrepresents me?
How can I respond to slander?

How do I make sure people know what I’m doing?
How should I communicate with voters now?
How much time should I plan to spend on one-to-one work?
How much time should I give to the media?
How do I say sorry?

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