Part One: Standing for Election

Part Two: In the States

Part Three: Everything Else

1.3 Election Day and Beyond

Part One – Standing for Election
(Section 3: Election Day and Beyond)

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What happens on Election Day?
Are there any rules about campaigning on Election Day?
Can I vote for myself?

What happens when the Election result is announced?

What if I’m not elected?

What if I am elected – what happens next?
Am I a States Member straight away?
What will my first day be like?
Will I get any kind of induction?
Will I get the equipment I need to do the job?
What if I’m not comfortable with IT?

When will I meet my colleagues?
What happens when we’re sworn in?
What are my responsibilities now?
Wow, do I really have to do this for the next four years?

How do I join a Committee?
Should I be networking?
How do I know which role is for me?
Will I be more effective on a Committee or outside it?
How do I put myself forward for a role?
How do I know who to choose for other roles?
What if I don’t get the role I want?
What if there’s a role that nobody wants?
Can I be on more than one Committee?
What if I’m part of a party?

What should I expect from a States Meeting?
What should I wear?
Where will I sit?
Are there any rules or guidance?
Who can I ask for help?

What’s going to change now?
What if someone complains about me?
How should I stay in touch with voters?

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