Voting Record – February 2017


February 2017 Votes

States Meeting on 1 February 2017

Item My vote Result
Election of a Member of the Scrutiny Management Committee In favour Carried
Election of a Member of the Ladies’ College Board of Governors In favour Carried
Committee for Employment & Social Security- Appointment of an Industrial Disputes Officer and Deputy Industrial Disputes Officer In favour Carried
Environmental Pollution (Guernsey) Law, 2004 Part VII- Air Pollution as amended In favour Carried
*Amdt 1 (Brehaut/Dorey) – Technical Correction In favour Carried
*Amdt 3 (Queripel/Soulsby) – No garden bonfires on weekends Against Lost
*Amdt 4 (Graham/Merrett) – No controls on garden bonfires In favour Carried
*Amdt 5 (Queripel/Prow) – Garden bonfires on two days a week Against Lost
Housing (Control of Occupation) (Guernsey) Law, 1994, Variation to the Housing Register as amended Against Carried
*Amdt 1 (Lowe/Graham) – Technical Correction Against Lost

States Meeting on 15 February 2017

Item My vote Result
Election of a Member of the Development & Planning Authority (Dep. Leadbeater) In favour Carried
The Supplementary Benefit (Residence Conditions) Ordinance Abstained Carried
Implementation of the Solid Waste Strategy as amended In favour Carried
*Amdt 1 (Kuttelwascher/Mooney) – Remove recycling targets Against Lost
*Amdt 2 (Roffey/Meerveld) – Amend recycling targets Against Lost
*Amdt 3 (Roffey/Prow) – Investigate on-island waste disposal In favour Lost
*Amdt 4 (Roffey/Merrett) – Investigate most cost-effective recycling option Against Lost
*Amdt 5 (Roffey/Merrett) – Investigate parish vs island-wide kerbside collections Against Lost
Register of Beneficial Ownership In favour Carried

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