Mandated to “distribute funds voted by the States for aid and development overseas by making contributions to on-going programmes and to emergency and disaster relief, and to develop programmes relating to the collection and distribution of funds involving the private sector.”

To contact the Commission Secretary, click here.

To read the OADC Annual Report for 2015, including a full list of the projects to which funds have been awarded in the past year, click here.

To find out about submitting an application for grant funding in 2017, or to put in your application, click here. Applications will close at noon on 25 November 2016.


Mandated to “protect, promote and improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and the community.”

To contact the Chief Secretary to the Committee for Health and Social Care, click here.

To read the most recent quarterly update on the current work and ongoing priorities of the Committee (published June 2016), click here.

To read the President’s statement on the financial position of the Committee for Health and Social Care as at June 2016, click here.

For more information on health and/or social care services in the island, and how to access them, click here.

To access the current interim policies used within the Committee for Health and Social Care to determine the funding of new treatments and services, click here.


Mandated to “foster a compassionate, cohesive and aspirational society in which responsibility is encouraged and individuals and families are supported through schemes of social protection relating to pensions, other contributory and non-contributory benefits, social housing, employment, re-employment and labour market legislation.”

To contact the Chief Secretary to the Committee for Employment and Social Security, click here.

To find out the range of benefits available to islanders, click here. To find out what contribution rates are, click here.

To find out more about social housing, extra-care housing or partial ownership homes, click here.

The Committee’s next “Uprating Report”, which sets the levels of benefits and contributions for the year ahead, is due to be published in October 2016, and I will link to it here when available.

The Committee is also responsible for the island’s Legal Aid service, for employment relations, for the Health & Safety Executive, and for equality and social inclusion (including Equal Marriage and the Disability & Inclusion Strategy).


Mandated to “determine applications for air route licences and to carry out any other transport licensing and regulatory functions which the States may confer on it from time to time.”

To contact the Principal Officer to the Transport Licensing Authority, click here.

To view the air route licences issued by the Authority, click here. To view notices in respect of licence applications which are currently open, or to find out more about the licence application process, click here.

To read the States’ Policy Statement on the granting of air route licences, click here. This, together with the Law and the information submitted as part of the application process, is used by the Authority to guide its decisions.


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